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Foods That Boost Libido

Sexy Foods That Boost Libido

If you’re looking for ways to heat up your sex life, then it’s definitely important to think about the foods you’re eating. Nutrition has just about everything to do with health, and your health has a lot to do with your libido. Choosing the right foods will supply your body with nutrients that will pump up your sex drive – and empower your performance between the arcs of The Tantra Chair. Here are 5 sexy foods that boost libido.

Raw Oysters
We’ve all heard that raw oysters are a classic aphrodisiac. It turns out that they are loaded with zinc, the substance that Dr. Oz calls the “ultimate sex mineral”. Testosterone and sperm are both manufactured more vigorously when a lot of zinc is present. Oysters are also heavy with dopamine, a pleasure hormone associated with libido increases.

Succulent Fruits and Vegetables
Succulent fruits, like strawberries, mangoes and peaches contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are easily absorbed into the blood stream. Make sure you eat organically grown fruits and vegetables and you are guaranteed to increase your overall vitality. If your cells are nurtured and empowered from the right energy sources, your libido is guaranteed to skyrocket!

Raw Chocolate
It’s a fact that the cacao in raw chocolate has chemicals that charge up your sex drive. Specifically, they are theobromine and phenylalanine. Theobromine produces a stimulating effect, like caffeine. Phenylalanine is the feel-good chemical that makes women (and men too!) feel more loving and harmonious. These two love chemicals get together and make raw chocolate one of the most enticing aphrodisiacs of all!

Well, not all libido foods can be sweet and extra delicious. Garlic makes the list too. That’s because it is a plentiful source of allicin. Allicin is a chemical that makes your blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow volume, especially to the sexual organs.

Watermelon has a really important sex nutrient in it! It’s called citrulline. You see, citrulline is converted, inside your body, to arginine, an amino acid. Arginine helps to increase nitric oxide levels, which also dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow. This is a common holistic treatment for erectile dysfunction and an array of other sex-based challenges.

Making the choice to eat certain foods can pump up your libido and make you a more satisfying, and satisfied sex partner. When your body is in harmony, your libido will increase naturally (often exponentially) and proper dietary intake is vital to a healthy and happy sex life.