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eMercedes Tantra Chair Review

Valentine’s Day is once again upon us, and with it, the necessity to find the quintessentially romantic gift for that special someone in your life.  But as anyone that’s celebrated numerous Valentine’s Days with the same partner will tell you, gifts tend to get a bit redundant as time goes on.  Sure there’s the traditional flowers, candy, jewelry, so on and so forth, but each suffers from a fatal underlying characteristic:  they’re boring. You buy them not because you actually want to buy them – not because you’re excited about buying them – but rather because you’re expected to buy them.  You buy them because you’re inundated with marketing telling you these are the things that women want.

Except that they don’t.

Women don’t want meaningless gifts bestowed upon them purely for the sake of receiving them. Women want more.  They want passion, excitement, intrigue.  They want to be surprised.  And most importantly, they want to see that you actually put thought into whatever it is you’re giving.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what brings us to this article.  Two months ago I began a quest… a quest to seek out and procure the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift.  In doing so, I had two key goals. Number one, I wanted to give a gift that I was actually excited to give.  Ideally, I wanted something that not only would my wife enjoy, but also something that would enhance our relationship (it is, after all, Valentine’s Day we’re talking about).  Secondly, I wanted a gift that my wife would never expect.  I’ve already noted my distaste for flower, candy and the like, so I wanted to find something completely different than what she would be expecting.  Two weeks into my quest, I was introduced to the Tantra Chair, and my quest for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift came to an end.

As you’ve no doubt already surmised from its name, the Tantra Chair is a chair built for, you guessed it, lovemaking.  However, despite its purpose, the Tantra Chair isn’t an exotic sex toy you need to hide in a closet when not in use.  Rather, it’s a beautifully designed piece of furniture similar in style to a chaise lounge, with the added benefit that its seductive contours invite and encourage couples to try new positions and experience new sensations.  Through carefully planned curves and angles, the Tantra Chair makes conventional positions feel completely different and exciting, whereas lovemaking positions that typically require a signficant level of strength and flexibility are now significantly easier, more comfortable and more fluid.

Needless to say, it’s a design so appealing that I couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to give the Tantra Chair to my wife, so I caved in and gave it to her a month early.  But seeing as how today is Valentine’s Day, I thought it only fitting to share my experience with the Tantra Chair, which as I’ve come to learn, is the perfect way to add a new and incredibly fun dimension to your relationship not just one day, but 365 days a year.  If you’re looking for not only the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift but also the ultimate couple’s gift, read on to find out what makes the Tantra Chair so great.