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Jaiya Ma

Jaiya New World Sex Education

Are you familiar with Jaiya?  If you haven’t had the pleasure of crossing paths with her, we highly recommend that you take a strong interest in her passion, which just so happens to be her life’s work.  She is a world-renowned author, an award-winning sexologist and the founder of New World Sex Education.  Jaiya is a tremendous communicator with natural beauty and a pleasant harmonious voice but what resonates with us the most is her brilliant energy and soul intention.   It is very obvious that Jaiya cares deeply about the human being from a holistic perspective and has committed her life to breaking down the dogmatic barriers that society bestows upon us.  She recognized at a young age that these dogmatic principles that we are born into are inhibitng our spiritual evolution in a multitude of ways and she so eloquently addresses many of these problems by awakening the higher conscious sexual aspects of our being.  Her gentle, intelligent and holistic approach to human physicality and spirituality combined with exceptional brevity to say and express exactly what she feels has transcended Jaiya onto the world stage.  She is considered by many to be the world’s finest sex educator and we agree with this whole-heartedly.  We LOVE everything about Jaiya and having come to know her personally, she is the embodiment of everything that she teaches….resonating love and sincerity with ease and honor.  We trust that you will feel a harmonious connection with her work just as we do and we cannot recommend her highly enough.