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Lulu's Raw Organic Vegan Chocolate

LuLu’s Raw Organic Chocolate

Lulu’s Chocolate Factory | Luxurious Raw Organic Chocolate
Lulu’s Chocolate Factory in Sedona, Arizona creates some of the finest raw, organic chocolates in the world. The bars and truffles they make bridge the challenging gap between delicious and healthy. Louise (“Lulu”) Sharpe has had a lifelong love affair with chocolate. She loved chocolate, like most people do. But when she first tasted raw cacao directly from a Theobroma Tree in Hawaii, she was filled with ecstatic energy unlike anything she had ever experienced. It was then that she became inspired to share her powerful love of raw chocolate with the world. And that’s what she’s dedicated herself to ever since.

Lulu’s Chocolate Making Process

Lulu and her staff concentrate integrity into every step of their chocolate making process. Every mouth-watering bar, and every heavenly truffle, is made by hand and infused with loving attention. With each taste you take, you feel increased vital energies running through your body. This raw, natural chocolate has not been manipulated in any ways that strip it of its wholesome, innate elements. All ingredients are consciously sourced from small family farms in Ecuador. The raw cacao is stone-ground, hand-topped and packaged with the highest quality standards – and then shipped around the planet to anxious chocolate lovers everywhere. Lulu’s chocolates are heated very gently, at temperatures less than 113 F. Nothing is ever heated to the point where any nutrients, flavors or characteristics are lessened in any degree. Low-glycemic coconut sugar is used to sweeten the cacao. All recipes are 100% free of gluten.

3 Fast Facts about Lulu’s Raw Chocolates

Raw cacao contains phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA is also know as the “Love Chemical”, known to cause euphoria and sexual arousal. It also contains anandamide and tryptophan, two more feel-good chemicals that our brains use to create increased bliss levels. Raw cacao is naturally loaded with minerals and antioxidants. It has high doses of magnesium, which is very heart healthy. It decreases blood coagulation, lowers blood pressure and helps the heart to pump more effectively. Cacao is low in caffeine, but has a good amount of theobromine, a natural stimulant. It takes our bodies longer to break down than caffeine, providing a time-released energy boost that lasts and lasts. Lulu and her staff are completely filled with passion when it comes to crafting their healthy raw chocolate treats. Along with their worldwide customer base, they believe in the powers of chocolate alchemy! The success that they have achieved to this point has allowed their dreams to expand – and Lulu always commits to recognizing her dreams. The group is currently in the process of opening the world’s first Chocolate Love Lounge. Lulu’s Chocolate Love Lounge is attached to the factory, allowing excited patrons to come in, relax, fill their lungs with the scents of rich chocolate – and then eat and drink scrumptious raw chocolate treats and elixirs. Lulu summed up her thoughts on the entire raw chocolate experience, saying, “The raw chocolate wants to be shared, and I am happy to co-create with it’s magical energy. I am blessed to be running an ever-growing, successful business and have the most amazing job in the world! I feel grateful to be able to share this gift with everyone and to spread the chocolate love!” Lulu’s Raw Chocolate Treats Are Deliciously Healthy!