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Sex and Well Being

Being in a healthy sexual relationship means that we recognize the fact that humans are sexual beings, and we should celebrate our sexuality and the benefits that come along with it, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Needless to say, having a healthy sexuality enriches our lives in many positive ways…..allowing us to enjoy our sexual intimacy without feeling fear, guilt or shame. Being in sexual relationships allows us to give and receive pleasure,emotion and affection by sharing fun activities, exchanging warm touches and joining in physical intimacy.

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? Well, you could start doing some yoga, have a glass of red wine, have a cry fest on your favorite shrink’s sofa, or you could hit the sack with your partner. You heard it right! Sex is the number one scientifically proven stress-buster of all time. Needless to say, your blood pressure is sure to hit the ceiling while you’re doing the deed, but being in a healthy sexual relationship will lower your blood pressure levels with time.

Healthier Sleep
Oxytocin is a chemical which is released during orgasm, which is one of the main reasons why your man dozes off after you’ve rocked his world. But there is a good side to this chemical as well, Oxytocin promotes good sleep, which consequently influences good overall health and a stable blood pressure, so you guys can stick around long enough for round two.

Fewer Colds
There’s nothing sexy about having an annoying cold, but getting hot and bothered about it won’t help your cause either. Studies have now revealed that people who romp the sack more often have fewer instances of colds, fever, or running noses. That’s because having frequent sex raises the levels of immunoglobulin A (try spelling that without a dictionary), which is an antibody that helps to prevent common diseases.

Natural Pain Killer
More on Oxytocin, the chemical which is released during intercourse, increases endorphins in the body which, in turn, decreases pain, especially headaches.

Lighter Periods
Whenever a woman has an orgasm her uterus contracts, which helps rid the body of certain compounds that cause cramps. Having an increased number of uterine contractions helps end a period faster, by expelling blood and tissue faster than normal. Also, going horizontal while you are menstruating can also help decrease certain health risks, such as, endometriosis, which is a common condition which leads to pain in the pelvis, especially during sexual intercourse.

Bottom Line
So, there you have it, the reasons why every man and woman should be in a healthy sexual relationship just to name a few!