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Tantra Chair Position

Sexual Position of The Month

When it comes to great sexual positions, this is one of the world’s finest! Can you imagine what it feels like to have your body completely nurtured by the natural curvature of The Tantra Chair? Ergonomically speaking, when your back, head, neck and shoulders are totally supported, it encourages your entire body to relax as you reach your full potential. Comfort and support are essential qualities when it comes maximizing the lovemaking experience.

In this sexual position, the gentleman can thrust his pelvis forward with ease at a very unique angle. This unconventional angle creates an amazing sensation for her! The angles of the lower arc and that of the central contour of The Tantra Chair, guide his penis along the anterior wall of her vagina. She feels a tremendous pressure and increased stimulus to the famed G-Spot. Not only will she be in ecstasy from the unique angle of penetration, but she can move freely with ease and comfort to maximize her pleasure. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

This sexual position is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings. Lay back, close your eyes and let The Tantra Chair guide you into the perfect, calming, lovemaking experience.