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When it comes to two people who connect on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level, starting a family is one of the most beautiful ways in which to solidify the relationship. Unfortunately, this most ancient and honorable process isn’t one that always comes easily.  An estimated 25 percent of all couples hoping to conceive will encounter barriers along the way. And just like that, what was once a pleasurable and satisfying experience – the joining of two bodies and two hearts – becomes laden with tension, stress, and many of the other barriers that actually make it even more difficult to conceive.

Causes of Infertility

There is no single cause of infertility, and it is rarely one partner’s “fault.” The human body is a rich, detailed, and complex system, and even the smallest issues can escalate when it comes to trying to create your own little miracle.

In this same way, there is no single way to treat infertility. Although many people turn to the medical community with much success, this type of step isn’t always necessary. For example, a man whose sperm is having a difficult time getting to the far reaches of the woman’s cervix could turn to more artificial means to accomplish conception – and in fact, many people do. But in many of these cases, the sexual positions and the accessibility of the woman’s body angle might accomplish the same results with a lot more privacy and pleasure.

In other cases, conception might be inhibited by the tilt of a woman’s uterus or other issues related to anatomy. These can be some of the easiest obstacles to overcome with tools like the Tantra Chair, since it draws from a design that enhances the sacred and time-honored act of procreation.

The Tantra Chair Design

The Tantra Chair is meticulously crafted to allow sexual partners to achieve the positions of The Kama Sutra comfortably and for a prolonged period of time. The gentle dual-arc design of the chair changes the pelvic angles of both the male and female partners during intercourse, encouraging the man’s penis to penetrate much deeper than it would in any conventional sexual position.

And because the chair is made of luxurious synthesized leather, it offers a plush, comfortable place to rest long after the passion has ebbed. For women who wish to elevate their hips after lovemaking to encourage the sperm to reach the egg, there are few better ways to accomplish this than by simply adjusting the legs and remaining comfortably ensconced in the Tantra Chair’s many angles and curves for as long as might be necessary.

Enjoying Lovemaking Again

If you’ve had any difficulties getting pregnant – or if you’re considering starting a family very soon – the Tantra Chair is a great way to make the process even more intimate and special. By rediscovering the joys of lovemaking and finding new ways to increase your pleasure, you’ll take much of the burden off the act of creating life and remember what it is that drew you and your partner together in the first place.

For More Information

The Tantra Chair is an eco-friendly, animal-friendly product. It is anti-microbial, simple to clean with your favorite cleaning solution, and stain resistant. You’ll love the fact that it is hypo-allergenic and toxin free, which is especially important if you are trying to conceive.

Please have a look at our sexual positions guide for more information on the best sexual positions for conception and ideas for maximizing the pleasure you and your partner get out of each union.

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