The Tantra Chair in a modern bedroom.

The Tantra Chair Design

Original Design to Incorporate Dual Arc System

The Tantra Chair design is the first and original furniture design to incorporate a patented, dual arc system that emulates the natural curvature of the human form.  Every dimension of this unique chair design, from the height of the chair, the width of the chair and most importantly, the angles of the arcs, is designed to maximize your lovemaking experience. US Patent Number D530933 / US Trademark Reg. Number 4579710 / Official Copyright Certification of Registration VAu 1-105-649.

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The Tantra Chair in a yellow color on a black background.

Eco-Friendly Leather

We handcraft The Tantra Chair with the world’s finest, eco-friendly materials.  The soft, supple, synthesized leather not only feels amazing on your skin, but it will maintain it’s elegant appearance for a lifetime.  The leather is stain resistant, anti-microbial and effortless to clean.

A red and orange Tantra Chair featured side by side.

Pewter & Brass Nailheads

The Tantra Chair comes in your choice of pewter nail heads, antiqued brass nail heads or no nail heads at all.  The pewter (silver) nails will give you a modern, contemporary vibe while the antiqued brass has a more conservative feel.  For a sleek, ultra modern design, you may wish to have no nails at all.

The Tantra Chair environmentally friendly logos.

Moisture Resistant

The Tantra Chair is moisture resistant and impervious to the elements.  The hand laid synthesized leather is the finest in the world today and this is evident the moment your skin touches it.  It is 100 percent Eco-Friendly and will provide a healthy, welcoming experience each and every time.

Patented Chair Specifications

Length 74" / Height 29" / Width 16.5"
1 2 3 4 5 6

The lower arc is the most versatile region of the design and is especially created for oral sexual positioning or deep, powerfull thrusting during intercourse.


We use the finest synthesized leather in the world. It is stain free, exceptionally soft on the skin and anti-microbial. Just wipe clean with mild soap and water or your favorite cleaning solution. This leather will not fade or strech and it will maintain a new appearance for a lifetime.


The high arc provides an amazing support system for your neck and back during lovemaking. This arc is also especially beneficial in changing pelvic angles during oral sex.


The central contour is the most important aspect of the design. This region changes the pelvic angles of both individuals with ease and precision. Each angle was carefully studied and applied to the design resulting in hundreds of unique, comfortable positions.


Contrast baseball stitching is used to highlight the elegant curvature of the design. Not only does this stitching express a beautiful design accent, but it also creates an exceptionally strong seam that will last forever.


We use the world’s finest, hi-density foam to create an exceptional support system for both individuals. The density or firmness of the foam is essential in maximizing the intention of the design.

The Tantra Chair Guarantee

The Tantra Chair is designed and created to last a lifetime. Each and every chair is hand-crafted by our skilled artisans in the United States of America. We incorporate a stringent quality controlled enviroment to guarantee that each and every chair that we create meets our superior standard. We use the finest, eco-friendly materials that will graciously stand the test of time. It is our greatest honor to please you with this remarkable chair design and we look forward to exceeding your every expectation.

Reviews & Testimonials

The Highest Praise!

Tens of thousands of happy couples have brought The Tantra Chair ® into their lives with the intention of evolving their relationship.  Built with integrity and handcrafted with LOVE in The USA, see why The Tantra Chair ® continues to exceed expectations.

The Tantra Chair Reviews & Testimonials