The Kama Sutra

The History of the Kama Sutra

The History of the Kama Sutra

These days, almost everyone is acquainted with the history of the Kama Sutra, whether it’s through popular media, educational studies, or studies of an altogether more experimental form. Synonymous with love in its most ancient, time-honored form, the Kama Sutra is an Indian scripture on the art, science, and joy of making love.

When we look back through history, we are presented with a series of cultures who have revered the sexual act. Painters in the Neoclassical era loved to play with visions of the human nude. The ancient Greeks created some of the most beautiful pieces of pottery known to mankind—oftentimes covered in couples engaging in the act of copulation. And the ancient Hindus, dating all the way back to the third century, offered up their own version of heaven on Earth: The Kama Sutra.

In its most basic form, the Kama Sutra is a detailed book of sexual positions and descriptions of the act of lovemaking. Historians believe it was written as a sort of offering to the gods, a collection of the wisdom of the body meant to enhance the ties between our world and theirs. In this way, the sex acts depicted in it offer not only a physical purpose, but a spiritual one, as well.

What’s unique about this particular text is that the Hindus recognized sex for what it really is: a way to procreate and to encourage personal and marital well-being. Unlike many cultures who view sex as a means to an end, the Hindus celebrated it, enjoyed it, and searched for ways to make it better as a way to enhance the entire life experience.

The Kama Sutra Today

Although much of the traditional Kama Sutra includes poetry and philosophy, most of its uses today revolve around the chapters that depict human desire and sexual positions. There were no pictures in its original form, but much detail went into describing every act so that they could be practiced at home. The book was introduced to a wider, Western audience in the late 1800s, though the version we know and love today wasn’t really introduced to the bedroom until the twentieth century.

Since then, the Western world has gone on to fully recognize the potentials of the Kama Sutra for strengthening the bonds between us humans, spouses, lovers, and friends. No longer viewed as an academic text for young wives to study before approaching the marriage bed or as an archaeological find for those interested in ancient Hindu texts, the Kama Sutra celebrates the creation of equal and loving relationships that go beyond a mere physical connection to reach otherwordly heights of ecstasy.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for ways to enhance an existing relationship or you want to learn more about the incredible and erotic capabilities of the human body—the Kama Sutra remains one of the most valuable tools we have today. When combined with the incredible effects of the Tantra Chair, which is designed to intensify each of the 64 positions of the Kama Sutra, the results are exactly what the ancient Hindus intended: a sexual experience that incorporates the body, the mind, and the soul.

Kama Sutra Positions

Like a fine wine, there are many different layers to the Kama Sutra, each one a robust, satisfying experience in it’s own right. For those who wish to learn more about ancient Hindu philosophy, there are entire sections devoted to the development of higher thinking. For those who wish to learn about social history, there is much to discover about ancient beliefs and historical ways of life. However, for most people, the real value lies in the detailed sexual positions ripe for exploration: 64 sexual positions, to be exact.

About the Kama Sutra Positions

The positions of the Kama Sutra vary from traditional “Missionary” style options to more advanced positions that require balance, stamina, and strength. Most people are able to perform at least a few of the Kama Sutra positions without any training or practice; however, to move all the way through the 64 positions on a sexual journey that will take you to new heights of ecstasy and passion, it’s best to move through some of the more simple positions first. You can also start doing the more advanced Kama Sutra positions right away if you rely on the help of the Tantra Chair, which was designed with these ancient texts in mind.

Each of the 64 Kama Sutra positions has a unique name, usually based on the way the bodies come together, creating an action or an item redolent of ancient India and the art of making love. While there is no substitute for finding a version of the Kama Sutra with detailed pictures for you and your partner to share, here are few of the more popular positions for beginners and those just beginning to explore all that the Tantra Chair has to offer.

The Knot of Fame (Kirtibandha) is a sitting Kama Sutra position. It is performed by the male partner sitting erect and in a comfortable position. The female partner is brought up on top of the male, and he guides her with his arms gripped around her waist.

The Dog (Svanaka) is a Kama Sutra position most people are already familiar with. It involves rear entry, with the woman either on all fours or bending over the lower swell of the Tantra Chair. What makes this position unique is that it calls for the woman to turn around and gaze into the face of her lover, thereby heightening the emotional and physical connection of the sexual act.

Traditionally, standing sexual positions of the Kama Sutra are among the most difficult, since they require balance and strength. However, when used with the Tantra Chair, they become much easier to do much earlier on in your sexual journey. For example, the Stride (Traivikrama) is a highly passionate act performed when the female partner draws up one leg and allows her heel to nestle behind the standing male partner’s knee. With the aid of the Tantra Chair, the female can brace herself comfortably and allow for deeper and more forceful penetration.

Getting Started with the Kama Sutra

The most beautiful thing about the Kama Sutra is that no one is meant to master every position right away; it’s all about the journey of exploration and enjoyment. In fact, the Kama Sutra was created to enhance the joy of lovemaking by discovering all of the positions with a partner you trust, whether you’re coming together for the first time or you’re re-learning one another’s bodies after you’ve been together for decades.

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