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A Sacred Exploration into The Kama Sutra

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Sex and Well Being

Being in a healthy sexual relationship means that we recognize the fact that humans are sexual beings, and we should celebrate our sexuality and the benefits that come along with it, emotionally,...

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What is Tantra?

What Does Tantra Mean? Tantra comes from the Sanskrit words ‘tanoti’ which means “to stretch” and “Trayati” which means “to free or liberate”. So, the word Tantra basically means...

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Health Benefits of Sexual Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is not a tangible thing but rather, it is a journey. Intimacy and especially sexual intimacy takes place over time and is ever changing. As a matter of fact, stagnation is the one...

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Sir Richard F Burton

Most people recognize Sir Richard F Burton simply as the man who translated The Kama Sutra into English. Yes, he did so but much, much more. He was very well respected in various other fields of...

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