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Tantra Chair Review ®

With our search for more unique and useful furniture The Tantra Chair ® has proven to be quite a delight inspiring new ideas and experiences! I’ve had my eye on the Tantra Chair ® for a...

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AJ Vitaro Photography

AJ Vitaro is an award winning, fine art photographer who captures the energy and essence of the female form.   His photography is elegant and timeless, quirky and “out of the box” but most...

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Sexual Position of The Month

One of The Tantra Chair’s ® very unique abilities is to take the average, every day sexual position and make it infinitely better. Imagine this sexual position on a flat surface and you can...

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Tantra Chair ® Review

First thing’s first: I have never owned a piece of furniture more elegant or functional than The Tantra Chair ®. Having lived out of a backpack for the better part of a decade, I pride myself...

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