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Physical Benefits of Sex

Health Benefits of Sexual Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is not a tangible thing but rather, it is a journey. Intimacy and especially sexual intimacy takes place over time and is ever changing. As a matter of fact, stagnation is the one thing which often kills sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy is the one form of intimacy which most people are familiar with. That being said, sexual intimacy includes the use of various sensuous activities and is considered as much more than just two people having sexual intercourse, which is why it is considered as a big topic. Research suggests that everything from kissing, to hugging and cuddling and even sex has its health benefits, along with it being a critical part of being in a consenting relationship. Sexual intimacy can do wonders for your body, mind and spirit. In other words, good sex is good for you, and these are the reasons why.

Now, before all the men start rolling their eyes at this suggestion, latest research has found that having good intimate sex contributes to the longevity and virility of both men and women. So, it looks like men have a better chance of gaining more than just a contented wife from sharing their feelings. The research which was documented by the British Medical Journal stated that the risk of death was almost halved in those men who had reported having an orgasm more frequently than other men who experienced lesser sexual activity.

Get a Toned Body
Are you one of those people who constantly complain about how boring exercising alone is? Well, indulging in just half an hour of sexual activity is enough to burn around 150 calories, which also happens to be just about the same amount you would be shedding in a ten minute run on the treadmill.

Glowing Skin
Are you fed up of using those expensive face creams, serums and what not? Sexual activity is able to increase blood circulation as well as the oxygenation of the blood, which means a post-coital glow and a brighter complexion for you. Okay, so the glowing skin might not last for long, but there are other longer lasting benefits of sex. For instance, having an orgasm is able to trigger a rush of endorphins and growth hormones such as, DHEA, which heals the damage that is caused to the skin by over exposure to the sun and so on. In fact, a recent Scottish study has revealed that people who have sex every other day look 10 to 12 years younger than those who aren’t getting down. And if crow’s feet concerns you, all you need is some alone time with your lover to make it go away, or at least stall it for a while.

Stress Relief
Believe it or not, back in 2010, the Health Minister of Brazil recommended sexual intimacy as a quick fix for the country’s high blood pressure problem. So, there you go!

Ending Note
Time and time again, new studies have been brought to our attention which states that the benefits of sexual intimacy are very real. That being said, scientists also emphasize that it is almost always the quality, rather than the quantity of sex that is responsible for invoking the various benefits of sexual intimacy.