Kama Sutra


Love, intimacy, and connection are timeless facets of human existence that have fascinated us for centuries. Among the many texts and teachings that explore these themes, the Kama Sutra stands out as a remarkable guide to understanding the art of love and forging deeper connections with our partners.

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Kama Sutra: In this blog post, we will embark on a journey to uncover the profound wisdom of these ancient texts, shedding light on its history, principles, and the valuable lessons it offers for modern relationships.

A Historical Perspective

The Kama Sutra, often associated with explicit illustrations, is much more than a manual for sexual positions. It is an ancient Indian text, believed to have been composed by the sage Vatsyayana around the 2nd century CE. Its full title, “Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana,” translates to “Aphorisms on Love, Pleasure, and Desire.” While it does contain chapters on sexual techniques, it also delves deeply into various aspects of human life, love, and relationships.

The Three Goals of Life

At the heart of the philosophy lies the concept of the “Trivarga,” which consists of three essential pursuits in life: Dharma (duty and righteousness), Artha (prosperity and wealth), and Kama (pleasure and desire). According to the Kama Sutra, these pursuits are interconnected, and the pursuit of pleasure and desire, when approached ethically and sensibly, can enhance the other two goals.

The Art of Love

The Kama Sutra is not just about physical intimacy; it’s about the art of love in its entirety. It emphasizes the importance of communication, emotional connection, and mutual respect in a relationship. The text encourages individuals to understand their own desires and those of their partners while fostering an environment of trust and open dialogue.

Exploring Physical Intimacy

While the Kama Sutra does provide guidance on various sexual techniques, it does so in a tasteful and educational manner. It presents a holistic approach to physical intimacy, emphasizing that it should be pleasurable, consensual, and approached with the utmost respect for one’s partner. The text also discusses the importance of foreplay, the use of senses, and the role of arousal in sexual satisfaction.

Building Lasting Connections

One of the key takeaways from the Kama Sutra is that love and connection are not fleeting but can be cultivated and sustained over time. It teaches us that building a lasting connection requires effort, understanding, and a willingness to adapt to the changing dynamics of a relationship. By focusing on emotional intimacy, trust, and mutual respect, couples can nurture a deep and enduring bond.

Applying Kama Sutra Principles Today

While the Kama Sutra is rooted in ancient Indian culture, its principles are not bound by time or geography. Modern couples can draw inspiration from its teachings to enhance their own relationships. Communication, emotional connection, and mutual respect remain as relevant today as they were centuries ago. By incorporating some of the Kama Sutra’s wisdom into their lives, couples can discover new ways to deepen their love and connection.


The Kama Sutra is a treasure trove of knowledge about love, intimacy, and connection. Beyond its reputation for explicit content, it offers valuable insights into the art of love that extend far beyond the bedroom. By embracing the principles of communication, emotional connection, and mutual respect that the Kama Sutra teaches, we can embark on a journey to strengthen our relationships and foster lasting connections with our partners. In the end, it reminds us that love, in all its forms, is a beautiful and essential aspect of the human experience.

Who is Melanie Rose?


Melanie is currently the host, designer, and consulting producer of the hit Netflix Series, “How to Build A Sex Room.”  If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the series, we highly recommend it.  Melanie’s exuberant and compassionate persona literally transforms the lives of so many couples.

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If you haven’t heard of Melanie Rose, get ready!  You are in for a delightful surprise.  Melanie Rose is a successful actress, born and raised in London, England.  Just one glimpse of her onscreen presence will conjure a myriad of exuberant emotions. Melanie is beautiful, feisty, talented, charismatic, hilarious, and ultimately, endearing. 

After relocating to Los Angeles, Melanie became a desired and sought-after interior designer.  It’s no wonder.  She has an exquisite taste that ranges from traditional to eclectic and we may go as far as to say, daring. 

Melanie is currently the host, designer, and consulting producer of the hit Netflix Series, “How to Build A Sex Room.”  If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the series, we highly recommend it.  Melanie’s exuberant and compassionate persona literally transforms the lives of so many couples.  She possesses all of the secret ingredients in her larger-than-life personality, which not only inspires others to reach deep within themselves but encourages couples to dedicate more energy to their relationships.  We feel that her contribution to the planet is so revolutionary, and we are truly grateful to have crossed paths with her.

“How to Build a Sex Room” is an intriguing and catchy title for a Netflix series and one that piques the curiosity of millions of couples.   We were so fortunate that Melanie featured The Tantra Chair ® on a couple of episodes and you may be inspired by the way and manner that Melanie incorporates The Tantra Chair ® into her elegant designs.  She even inspired us!

In summary, we recommend that you watch the series with your beloved when you have the time.  Each episode is fun, exciting, surprising, and so entertaining.  Melanie pushes the boundaries of adventurous couples with such class and humor and we trust you will be as intrigued as we are.  Thank you, Melanie and Netflix, for bringing this wonderful series to the world!

BUILD Magazine Awards


The Tantra Chair ® – Best Furniture Design & Manufacturing Company 2022 and Award for Excellence in Stylish Furniture Designs 2022!  Established with a vision to enhance people’s lives worldwide, The Tantra Chair ® is recognized as The Best Furniture Design and Manufacturing Company for its excellence in stylish furniture designs.

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BUILD Magazine awards The Tantra Chair ® – Best Furniture Design & Manufacturing Company 2022 and Award for Excellence in Stylish Furniture Designs 2022

Established with a vision to enhance people’s lives worldwide, The Tantra Chair ® is recognized as The Best Furniture Design and Manufacturing Company for its excellence in stylish furniture designs. For over 20 years, the company has primarily focused on creating designs that nurture the human body – launched to create experiences for clients that encourage a more present and conscious journey throughout their lives.

Often referred to as the ‘world’s finest work of functional art,’ The Tantra Chair ® has been around for over two decades, creating chairs for countless celebrities, actors, musicians, politicians, princes, princesses, and even presidents of nations. This entirely world-class accreditation is appreciated internationally amongst various classes of individuals. With typical customers ranging from 35 to 65 years of age, The Tantra Chair ® is instantly recognized and can be found in nearly every nation around the world.

The company is honored and proud to be able to spread its influence across the globe, bettering the comfort and lives of many. The Tantra Chair ® is noted for its use of the finest, eco-friendly materials found within the world and combines that with its professionally known world-class artisans who consistently and continually create products that exceed customer and company expectations.

A.J. Vitaro, the original designer of The Tantra Chair ®, explains the execution of development and the uniqueness of the product by stating, “The Tantra Chair ® is the original, authentic design. Unfortunately, many companies around the globe try to replicate our design illegally, but we stay at the forefront because we create the highest quality in the world. The Tantra Chair® is the dominant design in our sector of the industry, and it has been ever since it was introduced to the world. The main reason for this is because it is the original design and the first of its kind on the planet.” With a product of this magnitude and exquisite nature, the best way the company has yet been able to market itself is heavily relying on the recommendations of its current clients as word of mouth, and personal praise is the best marketing recognition a company can have.

Unlike most companies that are innately focused on profit margins, while it is an entirely understandable approach, The Tantra Chair ® is noted for its intense focus on quality instead. A.J. responds to this fact by stating, “although this makes our profit margins very small, most people long to purchase the authentic design because it has been tried and true in the marketplace for over two decades.” We at Build Magazine Awards realize that a completely original design needs a completely original approach to marketing and selling, and that is precisely what The Tantra Chair ® does – it takes something simple and makes it complicatedly beautiful, unmatched by anyone around the world. Though many have tried, there is something utterly incomprehensible about the innate specialty that is The Tantra Chair ®. Moreover, since more people have been spending a lot more time at home, the sales of The Tantra Chair ® have never been higher, with people purchasing beautifully crafted products to adhere to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the multiple lockdowns. A.J expands on this notion and states, “the pandemic has been extremely positive for our company. We can go as far as to say we have never been busier. We attribute this rise in demand to the fact that people are spending more time in their homes and therefore, long to enrich their home environment.” Though people have been in some version of isolation for the past two years, nothing is stopping the world from recognizing and taking part in the purchase of The Tantra Chair ® designs – a one of a kind and original concept unique to the industry and forever adored by individuals across the globe.



In this article, we are going to discuss a tried and true way to keep the fire of romance burning. Do you remember the day that you said “I do” and made a life-long commitment to your beloved? We trust that this was a very exciting day filled with wonder! What will your future bring.? Will you have children, a pet, a new home, etc.?

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Marriage is often celebrated as the first step to achieving all of your dreams together. Our culture and some cultures around the world, propagate very stressful work environments. Couple this with the stresses of everyday life and you have a recipe for disaster. As a result, we are faced with intense obligations that we never saw coming. Oftentimes, this leads to unintentional circumstances. We neglect our beloved without even realizing it.

Consequently, life gets the best of us. What if our best could be saved for our beloveds? Is there anything we can do to avoid these situations? We believe so and we can go as far as to say that we know so. Firstly and foremost, if you can commit to dedicating just a moment a day to romance, you will notice profound changes in your relationship.

What does it mean to dedicate a moment to romance? It means making the tiny effort to be present with your beloved. It could be a simple hug or kiss. Perhaps a connective glance or an act of kindness. New lingerie is always exciting, or even a passionate lovemaking experience. Our customers tell us all of the time that The Tantra Chair inspires them to connect more often. Experiencing new sexual positions may be the ultimate dedication. https://www.tantrachair.com/films/

The intention is to maintain that passionate and beautiful energy between you forever. Fortunately, it is a very simple thing to do in most cases. Make it a point to dedicate a moment every day this year to your relationship.

We wish you a lifetime of love, bliss, and happiness with one another. Most importantly, may you find presence. In conclusion, presence is the stepping stone to the aforementioned ideals. Here is another article featuring more ideas to keep the fire burning: https://www.hope-therapy-center.com/single-post/2020/10/06-6-ways-to-bring-back-the-fire-burning-in-a-relationship

We Will Rise!


We will rise!  It’s no secret that the world has changed drastically in recent months and so many are wondering if we will ever go back to our normal ways of living as a society.  Although we have tragically lost so many around the world and continue to do so, we will rise from this as a better global society and hopefully more conscientious humanity.

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We will rise again! Throughout recorded history, humanity has gone through so much worse. As a result, we didn’t have the hope of succeeding against an invisible enemy like a virus or a plague.

We have hope now. A silver lining to all of this is that we will be more efficient than ever before. Technology continues to evolve exponentially. From this moment on, we are going to be prepared for whatever comes our way. Consequently, the future of our children and the longevity of the human race depends upon our resolve.

First and foremost, we owe tremendous gratitude to all of the doctors, nurses, caretakers, scientists, first responders, and researchers around the world. They are risking their own safety for the love of their fellow human beings. Because of all of you, we will rise again as a nation and a global community. Our hearts are breaking for all of those that have experienced an unexpected loss of a loved one. The truth is, we are living in the greatest time of recorded human history. More and more people are living lives of dignity where basic needs are met. However, there are still parts of the world that are suffering so severely on a daily basis.

Our hope is that this experience has opened all of us to be more loving beings and more compassionate towards one another. It is humbling to see the world come together to battle this virus and together, we will overcome everything. It has been such an honor to serve so many loving couples during this time in quarantine as they used their time and their Tantra Chair to evolve and honor their relationships. We are so deeply grateful for all of our amazing customers and we are humbled to serve you continuously and indefinitely throughout the future. We will rise together!

The Divine Feminine


When we designed The Tantra Chair ®, we dreamed of changing the lovemaking experience for couples by freeing the woman’s body so that she could move in ways that were more desirable and comfortable.  In our society, the divine masculine has unfortunately been conditioned to assume dominance in most every way.

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However, when it comes to something as special and sacred as making love, we saw the obvious and imperative need to free the divine feminine and all of her potential.  The Tantra Chair ® creates total freedom for the woman to move in ways that bring her the most joy and pleasure while allowing her to relax and express herself in ways that she would likely suppress due to our dogmatic societal perspectives on sex.  It goes without saying that our perspectives as a society regarding sexual conditioning need to evolve and in our humble opinion, we want to recognize and honor the needs and desires of women but at the same time, encourage gentlemen into this deeper, more sacred space known as Tantra or Presence.  Bringing ourselves to this place of presence or awareness comes much more naturally to the divine feminine but the divine masculine will love and embrace conscious lovemaking as well.  Our true intention in designing The Tantra Chair ® was to encourage deeper, more spiritual, more present connections between you and your beloved….a more conscious, sacred lovemaking experience if you will.  We have witnessed thousands upon thousands of couples reaching new and very beautiful levels of intimacy and authentic spiritual connections just by dedicating a small amount of energy to the intimate aspects of their relationship.  The next time you make love, try being more conscious and aware of the energy that moves between you and your beloved.  Just recognizing this by being fully present (even for a moment) can elevate your lovemaking experience exponentially. Your dedication will yield a happier, healthier and more fulfilling relationship. It is scientifically proven that a healthy and creative sex life leads to a stronger, more enduring bond.  Having The Tantra Chair in your home is a constant reminder to be more creative and a constant invitation to explore conscious lovemaking.

Creative Intimacy


As a married woman of nearly 20 years, I’m often asked “what’s the secret to a successful marriage?”  And for those that know me, my answer is simple: “creative intimacy.”  It’s something that’s a little taboo to talk about, but I’m here to tell you that whether you’re married, soon to be married, or ever get married, keeping things interesting in the bedroom…

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Creative Intimacy

is one of the keys to a happy life and relationship.

Obviously there’s no shortage of ways to spice things up with your partner, but one of my favorite ways is with a piece of furniture known as the Tantra Chair (although technically it’s less of a chair and more of an updated take on the chaise lounge).  And while you can use it merely for the purpose of relaxing, as its name implies, the Tantra chair is designed to encourage a wide variety of anything-but-vanilla romantic positions.

At the heart of the Tantra Chair’s design is a unique dual arc system – one that mimics the contours of the female form.  In practice your only limit is your imagination, as its sweeping design allows you to position yourself in an almost countless number of ways, allowing you to lay across either the lower or upper arch, the curve in between, or a combination of the two.  The Tantra Chair’s width is enough to be supportive and comfortable, but not too wide as to limit your flexibility or positioning with your partner.

And unlike many other intimate wellness products that require a heightened level of discretion around the home, the Tantra Chair is a standalone piece of furniture you can place anywhere, without fear of your guests questioning it’s purpose.  Due to the Tantra Chair’s popularity, it is of course possible they know it’s intended use, but for the majority of guests, it’s really a conversation piece that intrigues nearly everyone who sees it.

Construction wise, the Tantra Chair notes a solid wood frame with a lifetime warranty, and is perfectly solid and stable.  There’s a choice of 10 different synthetic leather options – a material that’s remarkably well suited for a lack of clothing, as it’s soft, supple, and not sticky – and you can opt for decorative rivets as an added design element.  It cleans incredibly well, and it’s both stain resistant and anti-microbial.  I’ve had mine for several years, and it still looks like new.

As I said at the start of this article – a creative intimacy is the key to any good relationship.  If you’re looking for a way to spice things up, give the Tantra Chair a try, it’s added an entirely new and creative element to my relationship, and I have no doubt it will do the same for yours.

Anna James, eMercedes Benz

Storm Large


Storm Large (if you don’t know of her already) is an unapologetic, statuesque, beautiful, bold, brash, intense, soulful, multi-talented vocalist that will take you on a journey that spans every emotion imaginable.   Her powerful voice explodes into the most beautiful, mesmerizing, frequencies that instantaneously demand the focus of everyone in the room.

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Have you ever had an experience that you just can’t put into words?  I had one of those experiences but I am going to do my best to articulate it for you.  It’s been four days since my family and I crossed paths with Storm Large and her exceptionally talented band as they played flawlessly with The Phoenix Symphony.  If you aren’t familiar with Storm Large, you are truly missing one of the most unique, magical and paradoxically beautiful experiences you can have on this planet.

Storm Large (if you don’t know of her already) is an unapologetic, statuesque, beautiful, bold, brash, intense, soulful, multi-talented vocalist that will take you on a journey that spans every emotion imaginable.   Her powerful voice explodes into the most beautiful, mesmerizing, frequencies that instantaneously demand the focus of everyone in the room.  Her vocals can be exceptionally tender and serene which I love but she can also project levels of power and clarity that are truly unique to anything I have ever heard.  Storm and her band alongside The Phoenix Symphony, played many great classics like Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares To You” which she sings so magically and to perfection.  She also writes her own music and these artistic masterpieces are the most beautiful in my humble opinion.  “Angels in Gas Stations” just makes this world a better paradigm, period. It is so sensual and sincere that you can’t help but feel her intense pain and beautiful heart.  I felt so full of love while listening to her perform this song that I was moved to tears of joy.  In between songs and with the orchestra playing gently in the background, Storm eloquently shares personal stories in a sexy, playful style all her own that thoroughly captivate the audience.  Storm Large is hysterically funny and you may find yourself spontaneously laughing with all of your heart and soul.  We sure did. At other times, she is deep and esoteric and allows the audience to gaze through the wet, dewy, cracked window of her own despair.  This is the part of her that deeply influences humanity.  I guarantee that you will be moved beyond measure by her beautiful soul.

We happened to be seated in the front row, only several feet from her and her talented band.   It was especially amazing to feel the intensity of her soul in such close proximity.  We could actually hear her voice before it went through the microphone and projected through the sound system.  Her talent is so expansive and refined and her voice is so powerful that I wondered if she even needed the microphone.  I will never forget the tears that streamed down her face as she sang songs that she knew would touch the souls of everyone in the audience.  I don’t know if it was her own pain or her own joy of sharing so much of her beautiful soul with us that day but it is an experience that I will never forget.  If you are fortunate enough to see Storm Large in person, you will be in the presence of pure love, intricately refined by two of the world’s greatest teachers, pain and triumph.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Storm’s new album is called LE BONHEUR which is French for “Happiness”.  It’s a wonderful album that can be purchased via her website at www.stormlarge.com.  I’ve been exploring her music from the past which is really brilliant as well.  If you have a chance to see her perform live, I trust you will enjoy the experience as much as we did.

With Love, AJ Vitaro

Tantra Chair ® Review


My husband and I have been married for five years (together for eight), and we have two kids under the age of three. As you can probably imagine, our intimate life has had its ebbs and flows. I also suffer from chronic back and neck pain as well as carpal tunnel, which not only causes a lot of pain, but also makes me feel like a grandma rather than a youthful sexy woman.

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“The Tantra Chair.  Best. Chair. EVER.”

Despite all these obstacles, we both wanted to do something to re-ignite the fire and bring regular intimacy back into our lives.

We talked about scheduling a lovemaking session or even trying one of those regimes where you just make love every night, whether you’re in the mood or not for 30 days until it becomes routine. But none of those options felt very romantic, and even after many years of marriage and two kids I still need a little romance to enjoy lovemaking.

We continued to just have sporadic lovemaking sessions when both of our schedules lined up and we weren’t to exhausted (or too achy), but it became more and more infrequent. My husband was always trying to initiate, which, while flattering, eventually made me feel guilty for not being as eager as he was.

So I started doing research to find a solution and the answer I found really surprised me: A LOVEMAKING CHAIR.

OK, it’s not actually called a lovemaking chair — it’s called The Tantra Chair — and it’s amazing. It’s designed to contour the lines of the human body and allow you to have tantric intimacy in a ton of different positions with the support of the chair. It’s also classy looking, so it doesn’t feel like a scene from 50 Shades of Grey in our bedroom.

The intimate positions recommended by the company are inspired by The Kama Sutra and demonstrated in some pretty steamy videos on its website. (The chair makes the occasionally acrobatic Kama Sutra  positions much easier to pull off than a flat bed.)

There are knock off versions out there that are a little cheaper, but they definitely aren’t as classy and they don’t have the very important feature of being anti-stain and anti-microbial (pretty key in a chair that’s specifically designed for lovemaking).

We’ve been using the chair for about a month now and here are a few things we’ve learned:

  1. We’ve discovered a few of our own favorite positions.

We like to start and end with one of the more basic ones (like both sitting upright facing each other, with one leg on each side of the chair), and then experiment with some more adventurous positions in the middle. We aren’t quite up to Cirque du Soleil-level like the couple in the videos, but I have faith we’ll get there.

  1. The added leverage makes lovemaking ten times better.

The best part, for me, is that the chair provides so much support that my back and neck never hurt, and the added leverage makes lovemaking feel incredible. No more trying to grab the headboard and constantly slipping down the bed.  And let’s just say the level of grinding has been taken to a whole new level — and I’m not complaining.

  1. I feel infinitely sexier.

The other thing I love about the Tantra Chair is that I feel so much sexier on it. The lines of the chair encourage you to lean back and arch your back, which flattens out my post-baby pooch and makes my boobs extremely perky. We also happen to have a mirror really close to the chair and I can’t help but watch as we make love.

Overall, I’m so thankful that the answer to our dry spell was solved with a piece of furniture, which is a much better use of money than years of therapy and frustration. If you’re feeling a lull in your love life or you don’t feel sexy in the bedroom, I highly recommend this chair.

Written by Bryn Palmer and the original article can be seen here.

Intimate Position – June


Intimate Position of The Month

One of The Tantra Chair’s very unique abilities is to take the average, every day intimate position and make it infinitely better. Imagine this position on a flat surface and you can immediately recognize the tremendous advantages of using The Tantra Chair.

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The Tantra Chair works by displacing the body weight of the couple by way of the “Fulcrum and Lever” principle to create a unique intimate position.

The gentleman is sitting in a reclined position in the central contour of The Tantra Chair with his legs in a relaxed and stable position. The woman is resting her back on the man’s chest creating an incredible sense of intimacy as the man embraces her entire body. His hands are totally free and uninhibited as they move over the woman’s erogenous zones. Their faces are close to encourage sensual kisses and to maintain their presence in the moment. The sounds of ecstasy and the change in breathing patterns stimulate the auditory senses.

The woman, feeling completely nurtured and supported can move her pelvis with ease as she incorporates the quadriceps and the gluteus muscles. These muscle groups are among the largest and most powerful muscles in the human body. Her body is so comfortable and the movements are seemingly effortless which allows her to focus completely on the lovemaking experience. Her body is perfectly free to move in any way she can imagine creating a lovemaking experience that overwhelms the senses. The gentleman can also move his pelvis with ease by incorporating the legs and gluteus muscles. The unique angles in which the gentleman is entering her can overwhelm her senses. The gentleman will be able to thrust himself deeper than he normally would on a flat surface due to the unique angles that The Tantra Chair creates. Initially, we highly recommend that you ease into this position so that she can get used to the new angles and depths of penetration. It is not uncommon for a couple to experience deeper penetration of one to two inches however the woman is in total control of this and can determine her preferences easily.

Our intention in creating The Tantra Chair design was to encourage couples to honor their time together and to be more present and conscious during the lovemaking experience. This position embodies all of the qualities that are guaranteed to bring your relationship to new levels of appreciation!

The Female Orgasm


The female orgasm is a wonderful, beautiful thing. Because the subject of sex and women’s enjoyment of it was largely taboo until mere decades ago, it’s also a rather mysterious thing. Although men and women have been enjoying one another’s bodies for thousands of years, there are still so many things to be learned about the female body’s capacity for pleasure even today.

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Tapping into the Power of The Female Orgasm

A truly mind-blowing sensual experience is one that culminates in the utmost of pleasure for both partners, male or female. Because women are able to achieve multiple orgasms (several orgasms within minutes or even seconds of one another), understanding how orgasms are achieved and maximized allows you to build a capacity for long, tantric unions that can bring a woman to her peak time and time again.

The Female Orgasm

The physical effects of the female orgasm are very similar to those of the male. Stimulation of the proper areas of her body (typically the clitoris or G-spot) causes the body to react in a strong, physical manner. Her breath will start to come at a faster pace, her blood pressure and heart rates will go up, and tension will build in the sensitive areas of her body. When orgasm is reached, the muscles of her body contract (the vagina, uterus, and pelvic floor), and all the tension is released.

The majority of sexual positions in use by the average couple are all about stimulating the clitoris, the ultimate erogenous zone on a woman’s body. Like a man’s penis, this is the most sensitive part of the body; when done correctly, direct stimulation can bring a woman to the peak of her orgasm in a matter of seconds. Because of the clitoris’s location just above the opening to the vagina, it is easy to find and reach, no matter what position you choose. This makes it ideal for manual stimulation, oral stimulation, or stimulation by penetration.

The G-spot (or Grafenberg spot, as it is more formally known) is like the Holy Grail of a woman’s body. Most people know, from an intellectual standpoint, that it is located on the front wall of the vagina, about halfway between the opening of the vagina and the cervix. However, finding it isn’t always that simple. It’s typically best to rely on manual stimulation or one of the positions in The Tantra Chair designed for G-spot activity in order to best learn where and how the G-spot works.

Enjoying the Female Body and Female Orgasms

Although an orgasm is typically the goal of any sexual exploration, it is important to note that not all women can reach an orgasm the same way – and some may be unable to do it at all. The important thing is to get to know your partner intimately, so that every union can be fulfilling from an emotional and spiritual perspective, as well as the sexual one.

Of course, it’s also important to remember that some women prefer oral stimulation, while others react better to penetration from a variety of positions. One of the greatest things about The Tantra Chair and other tools for increasing the variability of positions is that you can learn together just how to reach those incredible heights.

Romantic Gift Ideas – The Tantra Chair ®


A romantic gift is often cherished.  Weddings, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day are some of the most important times over the course of a couple’s life together. A celebration of the union of two people and two souls are the times in which you can reflect upon and celebrate all that you’ve gone through as a couple – the hardships, the joys, and the simple pleasure of being in one another’s company.

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A traditional romantic gift for monumental occasions such as these include everything from jewelry or lingerie to household appliances or a private dinner for two. All of these items have their time and place but if you’re seeking a unique, sensual and luxurious, romantic gift that will truly evolve your romantic relationship, the Tantra Chair may be the perfect choice.

What Makes a Wedding, Anniversary or Romantic Gift Special?

The best wedding or anniversary gifts are the ones that provide more than just a one-time benefit, and offer a way for the couple to grow closer together. Although the key to any successful relationship is to have independent and outside interests, this is the one time of year when unity should be stressed the most.

Gifts that are sensual in nature are also a great way to return to those early, passionate days of the relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you’re celebrating one, five, ten, or twenty years together – the physical union that you share is part of your growth and exploration as a couple. Giving a gift that encourages bedroom play in a manner that is comfortable for you both not only reinforces your physical connection, but it helps you to rekindle those emotional and spiritual connections, as well.

Features of the Tantra Chair

The primary reason that the Tantra Chair makes is one of the finest romantic gift ideas for a wedding or anniversary is that it fulfills all of the same great features of a more traditional gift. Like jewelry, it showcases a woman’s beauty. Like lingerie, it entices all of the senses, bringing passion into the bedroom simply by virtue of being there. Like a household appliance, The Tantra Chair fits easily into almost any décor, with a discreet, dual-arc design and a luxurious, synthesized leather covering. And like a private dinner for two, the Tantra Chair encourages those shared, special moments that can only exist between the two of you.

The Tantra Chair is a world-renowned and patented furniture design built to enhance and support the sacred positions of the Kama Sutra. If you and your loved one are familiar with the ancient Hindu texts, it’s possible to make deeper, stronger, and more lasting unions once you incorporate the chair into your sex life. For beginners, the Tantra Chair provides a great way to start exploring the Kama Sutra, or even to enjoy more traditional positions with proper body support and the right kind of pelvic tilt to take lovemaking to the next level.

The Gift of Love

No matter how long you’ve been with your partner or what type of sexual relationship you share, The Kama Sutra Chair remains one of the best luxury gift ideas on the market. There is no better way to showcase your love than to offer the highest levels of ecstasy, comfort, and intimacy made possible by this unique and incredible piece of furniture.  To begin your journey with us, we invite you to view our advanced sexual positions guide.

AJ Vitaro Photography


AJ Vitaro is an award winning, fine art photographer who captures the energy and essence of the female form.   His photography is elegant and timeless, quirky and “out of the box” but most agree, he has an exceptional talent for bringing the divine feminine to light.  Even as a young child, AJ had a passion for drawing the female form.

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Attracted to the elegant and graceful lines of the female form, AJ Vitaro’s passion evolved into stone sculpture, furniture design and photography. “I love all forms of artistic expression may it be photography, painting, sculpting, classical music or furniture design.  Having my artwork appreciated by others is a dream come true for me and a true inspiration for all of my creative endeavors.  The pinnacle of my intention is to bring the esoteric to light.  Recognizing the suppression of feminine energy in our paradigm is sobering and I hope to inspire freedom and liberation of the divine feminine around the world.” – AJ Vitaro


eMercedes Benz Reviews The Tantra Chair ®


Valentine’s Day is once again upon us, and with it, the necessity to find the quintessentially romantic gift for that special someone in your life.  But as anyone that’s celebrated numerous Valentine’s Days with the same partner will tell you, gifts tend to get a bit redundant as time goes on.

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Tantra Chair Review

Sure there’s the traditional flowers, candy, jewelry, so on and so forth, but each suffers from a fatal underlying characteristic: they’re boring. You buy them not because you actually want to buy them – not because you’re excited about buying them – but rather because you’re expected to buy them.  You buy them because you’re inundated with marketing telling you these are the things that women want.

Except that they don’t.

Women don’t want meaningless gifts bestowed upon them purely for the sake of receiving them. Women want more.  They want passion, excitement, intrigue.  They want to be surprised.  And most importantly, they want to see that you actually put thought into whatever it is you’re giving.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what brings us to this article.  Two months ago I began a quest… a quest to seek out and procure the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift.  In doing so, I had two key goals. Number one, I wanted to give a gift that I was actually excited to give. Ideally, I wanted something that not only would my wife enjoy, but also something that would enhance our relationship (it is, after all, Valentine’s Day we’re talking about).  Secondly, I wanted a gift that my wife would never expect.  I’ve already noted my distaste for flower, candy and the like, so I wanted to find something completely different than what she would be expecting.  Two weeks into my quest, I was introduced to the Tantra Chair, and my quest for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift came to an end.

As you’ve no doubt already surmised from its name, the Tantra Chair is a chair built for, you guessed it, lovemaking.  However, despite its purpose, the Tantra Chair isn’t an exotic sex toy you need to hide in a closet when not in use.  Rather, it’s a beautifully designed piece of furniture similar in style to a chaise lounge, with the added benefit that its seductive contours invite and encourage couples to try new positions and experience new sensations.  Through carefully planned curves and angles, the Tantra Chair makes conventional positions feel completely different and exciting, whereas lovemaking positions that typically require a signficant level of strength and flexibility are now significantly easier, more comfortable and more fluid.

Needless to say, it’s a design so appealing that I couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to give the Tantra Chair to my wife, so I caved in and gave it to her a month early.  But seeing as how today is Valentine’s Day, I thought it only fitting to share my experience with the Tantra Chair, which as I’ve come to learn, is the perfect way to add a new and incredibly fun dimension to your relationship not just one day, but 365 days a year.  If you’re looking for not only the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift but also the ultimate couple’s gift, read on to find out what makes The Tantra Chair so great.

Dr. Nick Atlas Reviews The Tantra Chair ®


First thing’s first: I have never owned a piece of furniture more elegant or functional than The Tantra Chair ®. Having lived out of a backpack for the better part of a decade, I pride myself on remaining unfettered by objects, prefer the great outdoors to a stuffy home, and rarely splurge on large purchases.

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Tantra Chair Review by Dr. Nick Atlas

However, I also believe that there’s nothing more important than our health, that life is short, and that the pursuit of pleasure, peace and happiness should be a top priority for us all.

That having been said, I initially investigated furniture to enhance lovemaking after my partner and I both experienced back and joint pain following prolonged sessions between the sheets. As a tantric practitioner and scholar, it follows that I’m also very interested in the ergonomics and psycho-spiritual benefits of sex. While many of the postures of The Kama Sutra have passed me by, exploring meditative states during intercourse, enriching communication between my partner and I, and deepening our love for one another are just a few things accentuated by The Tantra Chair ®. We wish we had one in every room!

While there are a handful of related products on the market, after a little research it became obvious to us that there was no point in going cheap or settling for a knock off—in this case, you absolutely get what you pay for. The Tantra Chair’s ® patented dimensions cradle both of our bodies and effortlessly enable deeper penetration in any number of positions, each of which becomes a grand adventure. I don’t know if it’s sex the way we were designed to have it, or perhaps a step forward in our sexual evolution, but I do know that anyone and everyone that values their body and their sex life will appreciate The Tantra Chair ®, regardless of their age, flexibility, fitness level, etc.

As for its aesthetic, all I can say is that it’s almost a shame that it lives in our bedroom—it is nothing short of beautiful. After consulting with Zen By Design and receiving color swatches within days, we ordered ours in “Wine,” a lovely tone with hints of navy, charcoal, burgundy and maroon that looks majestic without being overbearing against our white walls and cream-colored carpet. The eco-conscious fabric (EnviroLeather) is tightly woven, incredibly stain-and-smudge resistant, and easy to wipe down after use. One of the most important factors influencing our decision to go with The Tantra Chair ® is that it’s sturdy as an ox—there isn’t the slightest creaking to be heard—yet weighs less than eighty pounds, thus it’s easily moved around if and when we want to shake things up.

If you’ve never had sex with your feet on the ground, you’re missing out! And, if you have tried it before, the logical next step is to experience it in as comfortable a position as possible—herein lies my favorite thing about The Tantra Chair ®. I find that the ability to stay grounded during sex allows me to remain centered and to last indefinitely. Likewise, my partner—particularly when she is on top—is essentially liberated. Her hips and legs are able to move much more freely than on any other surface, her knees remain bent at a relaxed and sustainable angle, and she can use the floor for leverage, all of which contributes to heightened pleasure for us both. Whether she leans forward or I sit upright, our hearts stay extraordinarily connected and at moments it feels as if there is simply no separation between us. Since we began making love in The Tantra Chair ®, every single time we have sex is the best, most intimate sex we’ve ever had.

All in all, I’m enamored of The Tantra Chair ® and thrilled with Zen By Design, who I believe is as genuine and inspired a company as I’ve encountered. Our customer service experience has been exceptional, and I can’t recommend them and their innovative, life-enhancing products enough. Thank you! And for anyone that is contemplating whether or not to purchase The Tantra Chair ®, not only will it exceed your expectations, I suspect you’ll never want to leave it and hope you fall in love with it as much as we have.

Dr. Nick Atlas
Director of Evolutionary Education ®

Discerning Specialist Tantra Chair ® Review


With our search for more unique and useful furniture The Tantra Chair ® has proven to be quite a delight inspiring new ideas and experiences!  I’ve had my eye on the Tantra Chair ® for a while and thanks to the expanded space with the new house I was recently able to look into finally giving one a try. As one would expect from me, I didn’t just plop down a search for “sex chair” and pull the trigger for the first thing that came up.

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Discerning Specialist Tantra Chair Review

With some research it is easy to find all kinds of copy variants, however even without looking at them in person it is pretty clear they are inferior replicas. Many are just foam based with no real support structure and even some of the better copy attempts still have wrinkling issues while costing as much if not more than the original Tantra Chair ®.  Since I’m more discerning these days and not afraid to pay more for the best, I chose The Tantra Chair ® over all the other options as the quality noticeably stood out. Made by Zen By Design in The USA, they are not only the originators of The Tantra Chair ®, but have even patented the design as well. Although I like a minimalist look, it is nice that The Tantra Chair ® offers a good amount of colors and nailhead options to hone in your own custom look. To match my other bedroom furniture I just went with Ebony and no nailheads to keep it simple, but was able to request the addition of D-rings to the bottom for connection point options. Offhand they don’t offer them by default since it is one of their design goals that the chair looks classy enough to blend in anywhere in the house instead of looking like wild sex furniture that sticks out. That said I think the D-rings I ended up with overall hide well since they are attached on the underside of the chair. Despite planning to have it in our bedroom where vanilla looks don’t matter as much, it is a nice option that we could take it down to the living room and still not get crazy looks from visitors.

Upon receiving, it was great to see that The Tantra Chair ® looked every bit as beautiful as it does on the website and media. I love the tight clean look without any wrinkles that makes it appear much more high end. Since I’m not usually into contrasting stitching, I was briefly considering asking for black thread, however I noticed on the design notes that the intent is to accentuate the curved lines. Seeing that as a reasonable concept I decided to give it a try and I am happy I did as it does add pleasant highlights to the lines. One has to be pretty close to the chair before they start to perceive the contrast stitching. Even though I love me some leather, it is a wise choice for The Tantra Chair ® to use a synthesized leather. It is stain resistant, anti-microbial, overall easy to clean, more durable, and still has a nice, elegant leather texture. The quality is of the material is undeniably very high end.  The overall easy to clean feature is a huge plus since when using the chair as intended, you are absolutely going to get all kinds of fluids on it. As recommended I’ve just been using water with a little mild soap soon after use and it looks as good as new. The 4 feet screw on easily and that functionality is a nice touch of modularity.

For first impressions of actually being on The Tantra Chair, it feels nice and sturdy as hoped. The construction is built to last using hardwoods and other solid materials as expected from quality furniture. When using with a partner one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is that the chair just feels sexy. I’ve heard the saying before, but it doesn’t fully make sense until you actually experience it. This of course is an awesome starting point in regards to getting everyone in the mood and in the right mindset. If you feel uncomfortable, cheap, and awkward it doesn’t exactly promote sex. While experimenting with different sexual positions, all the effort that went into the exact curve dimensions of The Tantra Chair ® becomes very apparent. Between the high and low curve points, it adds a huge amount of position variety. Kate, like most women, has preferences when it comes depth and angles during sex so it is amazing how we can really control and dial those factors in with The Tantra Chair ®. It greatly enhances the good situations while also allowing us to avoid angles that may hurt under normal circumstances. The Tantra Chair ® is designed to make it easier and more comfortable to perform and enhance many sexual positions seen in The Kama Sutra. Even though the diversity of options is certainly appreciated, the big show position for us would be the ol’ classic missionary on The Tantra Chair ®.  With Kate sitting/laying down with her back against the high curve, I can face her while sitting in the central contour. It really emphasizes the advantages of the design. I like to start with both of us in the middle then we can shift towards the high curve which basically creates a ramp to have her fall onto me with the forces of gravity. Already using gravity to an advantage I can also gain a great amount of control due to having my feet on the ground resulting in enhanced depth and with a unique and pleasurable angle for both of us. This position is also a great example of how The Tantra Chair ® creates a lot body to body contact giving that ultra sexy feel. Your bodies will naturally want to embrace each other all while still being easy to caress, enhancing the feeling even further. It sounds cheesy, but the chair will literally bring you closer together. One simply cannot recreate this functionality on a bed or using pillows creatively which is why The Tantra Chair ® has provided all new pleasurable experiences for us.

As one can see on the position examples between our pictures (www.discerningspecialist.com) or the great media on The Tantra Chair ® website, the chair is highly intuitive to perform all kinds of positions and uses. The core shape of two different arc heights and a central contour seems to masterfully accommodate any position and it’s reverse counterpart. Although, since we aren’t too busted up yet I can’t comment fully on the concept of The Tantra Chair ® helping couples with physical limitations, however I can see how the enhanced control of positions and interaction could apply. It is not hard at all to get into a super comfortable positions letting The Tantra Chair ® do most the guidance while only small pelvic movements are needed for great pleasurable results. Even for folks who are plenty healthy, only needing minimal effort can certainly also be appreciated when it comes to having epic long sex sessions. Kate in particular was pleasantly surprised where she thought The Tantra Chair ® looked nice and all, but felt that the concept appeared a bit gimmicky initially. After one use however, she was sold for life due to how much she enjoyed it. We already had a good sex life so it is a lovely treat to see The Tantra Chair ® managed to make it even better. Sometimes we find it is good for us to have some vanilla sex as opposed to heavy BDSM all the time, so it nice that the chair lets us mix it up while definitely not being boring. Even though neither of us are big into The Kama Sutra offhand, feeling the majority of the positions fall more under the concept of “look at what I can do!” rather than actually being pleasurable, The Tantra Chair ® does such a good job it makes us want to revisit and experiment with many positions we felt weren’t practical before. Not to be forgotten, although the D-rings allow for some BDSM fun on The Tantra Chair ® as is, I’m very happy with the results combining it with the SM-Cube. So far it seems to be a wonderful way to blend some of the best sexual position options of The Tantra Chair ® with the excellent bondage options of the SM-Cube. As a fellow designer I can appreciate the small quality details and the general form vs. function balance that The Tantra Chair ® has made. Inspired by the female form, it shows in a classy and sexy way while still being highly functional. The cost of The Tantra Chair ® is definitely going to be a barrier for many, but it is also a classic example of you get what you pay for. Being the original creators, every detailed decision of The Tantra Chair ® comes from research and experience while the illegal copy versions are basically creating half ass-ed attempts with changes due to laziness or cost cutting.  Even with cost in mind, I’m happy to say The Tantra Chair ® has met or exceeded all of our expectations including the customer service. With the manufacturing being in the USA it is great to see that local manufacturing can still be a sign of quality and the fact that the actual creator/company president, AJ Vitaro, is contactable and a super nice guy!

You’ve probably heard all kinds of variants of “x” product will add fire to your sex life or rekindle your relationship and I’m with you. I’ve always thought that sounded ridiculous. Thus, I take it pretty seriously that so far The Tantra Chair ® is the only product that has ever delivered on such promises for us. There is certainly something to be said that out of all the high quality gear we have, Kate currently declares The Tantra Chair ® her absolute favorite.

To see the actual review, please visit:  The Discerning Specialist Website

Sex and Well Being


Being in a healthy sexual relationship means that we recognize the fact that humans are sexual beings, and we should celebrate our sexuality and the benefits that come along with it, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Needless to say, having a healthy sex life enriches our lives in many positive ways….

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allowing us to enjoy our sexual intimacy without feeling fear, guilt or shame. Being in sexual relationships allows us to give and receive pleasure,emotion and affection by sharing fun activities, exchanging warm touches and joining in physical intimacy.

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? Well, you could start doing some yoga, have a glass of red wine, have a cry fest on your favorite shrink’s sofa, or you could hit the sack and have mind blowing sex with your partner. You heard it right! Sex is the number one scientifically proven stress-buster of all time. Needless to say, your blood pressure is sure to hit the ceiling while you’re doing the deed, but being in a healthy sexual relationship will lower your blood pressure levels with time.

Healthier Sleep
Oxytocin is a chemical which is released during orgasm, which is one of the main reasons why your man dozes off after you’ve rocked his world. But there is a good side to this chemical as well, Oxytocin promotes good sleep, which consequently influences good overall health and a stable blood pressure, so you guys can stick around long enough for round two.

Fewer Colds
There’s nothing sexy about having an annoying cold, but getting hot and bothered about it won’t help your cause either. Studies have now revealed that people who romp the sack more often have fewer instances of colds, fever, or running noses. That’s because having frequent sex raises the levels of immunoglobulin A (try spelling that without a dictionary), which is an antibody that helps to prevent common diseases.

Natural Pain Killer
More on Oxytocin, the chemical which is released during intercourse, increases endorphins in the body which, in turn, decreases pain, especially headaches.

Lighter Periods
Whenever a woman has an orgasm her uterus contracts, which helps rid the body of certain compounds that cause cramps. Having an increased number of uterine contractions helps end a period faster, by expelling blood and tissue faster than normal. Also, going horizontal while you are menstruating can also help decrease certain health risks, such as, endometriosis, which is a common condition which leads to pain in the pelvis, especially during sexual intercourse.

Bottom Line
So, there you have it, the reasons why every man and woman should be in a healthy sexual relationship just to name a few!

What is Tantra?


What Does Tantra Mean?

Tantra comes from the Sanskrit words ‘tanoti’ which means “to stretch” and “Trayati” which means “to free or liberate”. So, the word Tantra basically means to expand the frontiers of apprehension and attain spiritual knowledge and liberation from the material world.

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The basic principle of Tantra is unity, which can be expressed in various forms, such as, the unity of self or to be in unity with the world.

The History of Tantra
Buddhists mainly Vajrayana Buddhists have always said that tantric practices were initially expounded by the Buddha. And there is a story that goes with the legend too; according to them, a king once approached Gautama Buddha and confessed that his responsibilities of being king did not allow him leave his birthright and start off his spiritual journey as a monk. He also complained how being in a privileged position, he was constantly surrounded with all sorts of temptations and which made his path to enlightenment even harder if he ever chose to take it. According to his followers, the Buddha responded by teaching the king Tantra, which enabled him to transform his physical pleasures into a form of transcendent realization. Since then, both Chinese versions of the Mahayana Buddhism, such as, Pure Land and Zen practice tantra but their applications are not as elaborate as they are in the Tibetan Tantra.

Tantric Yoga
Yoga is said to be the technical application of the tantric principles, where it is believed that Tantra is the mother, while yoga is the son. In other words, yoga is the practical and methodical expression of the Tantric practice. By practicing yoga, a person can put themselves in a state of deliberate resonance with universal energies to achieve a higher state of spirituality. Whether a person uses Hatha, Mantra or some other Tantric practice, the main focus of working with these energies is for the individual to transform themselves into well balanced beings, whose souls are purified of negative thoughts, hence clearing the pathways of pure energy or “Nadis” along with the energy centers, which are also known as “Chakras”. Tantric yoga is mainly practiced so that an individual’s Kundalini Shakti can rise and the ultimate self-realization can occur.

Who are Shiva and Shakti?
While discussing Tantra and the concept of attaining spiritual unity, it is necessary to include both Shiva and Shakti, who represent both the masculine and feminine archetypes within ancient Hindu symbolism. While Shiva, who represents the man, is pure consciousness, Shakti, the woman, on the other hand is the sole power of creation. This means that she is basically the energy which combines with his power of thought before manifesting itself in the physical world.

Health Benefits of Sexual Intimacy


Sexual intimacy is not a tangible thing but rather, it is a journey. Intimacy and especially sexual intimacy takes place over time and is ever changing. As a matter of fact, stagnation is the one thing which often kills sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy is the one form of intimacy which most people are familiar with.

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That being said, sexual intimacy includes the use of various sensuous activities and is considered as much more than just two people having sexual intercourse, which is why it is considered as a big topic. Research suggests that everything from kissing, to hugging and cuddling and even sex has its health benefits, along with it being a critical part of being in a consenting relationship. Sexual intimacy can do wonders for your body, mind and spirit. In other words, good sex is good for you, and these are the reasons why.

Now, before all the men start rolling their eyes at this suggestion, latest research has found that having good intimate sex contributes to the longevity and virility of both men and women. So, it looks like men have a better chance of gaining more than just a contented wife from sharing their feelings. The research which was documented by the British Medical Journal stated that the risk of death was almost halved in those men who had reported having an orgasm more frequently than other men who experienced lesser sexual activity.

Get a Toned Body
Are you one of those people who constantly complain about how boring exercising alone is? Well, indulging in just half an hour of sexual activity is enough to burn around 150 calories, which also happens to be just about the same amount you would be shedding in a ten minute run on the treadmill.

Glowing Skin
Are you fed up of using those expensive face creams, serums and what not? Sexual activity is able to increase blood circulation as well as the oxygenation of the blood, which means a post-coital glow and a brighter complexion for you. Okay, so the glowing skin might not last for long, but there are other longer lasting benefits of sex. For instance, having an orgasm is able to trigger a rush of endorphins and growth hormones such as, DHEA, which heals the damage that is caused to the skin by over exposure to the sun and so on. In fact, a recent Scottish study has revealed that people who have sex every other day look 10 to 12 years younger than those who aren’t getting down. And if crow’s feet concerns you, all you need is some alone time with your lover to make it go away, or at least stall it for a while.

Stress Relief
Believe it or not, back in 2010, the Health Minister of Brazil recommended sexual intimacy as a quick fix for the country’s high blood pressure problem. So, there you go!

Ending Note
Time and time again, new studies have been brought to our attention which states that the benefits of sexual intimacy are very real. That being said, scientists also emphasize that it is almost always the quality, rather than the quantity of sex that is responsible for invoking the various benefits of sexual intimacy.

Sir Richard Francis Burton


Most people recognize Sir Richard Francis Burton simply as the man who translated The Kama Sutra into English. Yes, he did so but much, much more. He was very well respected in various other fields of endeavor including, but not limited to:

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fencing & diplomacy; linguistics, writing & translating; cartography, geography, Egyptology and ethnology; soldiering, pilgriming, exploring & worldwide traveling.  Sir Richard Francis Burton was born on March 19, 1821 and died on October 20, 1890. In his 69 years of life (the universe can be silly in that regard), he experienced and accomplished more than most others ever have or will. Here’s a partial list of his most notable feats: Burton was a Captain in the East Indian Company. He served in India as well as a later stint in the Crimean War. He was also commissioned by the Royal Geographical Society to lead an expedition of Africa’s east coast. He traveled with John Hanning Speke and they became the first Europeans to search Africa’s Great Lakes, looking for the Nile’s source. He became a Fellow of the RGS and was dubbed a Knight (KCMG) at age 65, four years before he died of a heart attack.

When Burton was 32, he planned and accomplished an authentic pilgrimage to Mecca, disguised as a native. At the time, most Europeans weren’t even aware of the pilgrimages. He was one of the first Europeans to ever accomplish this, and his writings of the experience have been famous ever since. The work is called Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah (1855-56).

Burton was fascinated with Egypt, and with sex. He delivered a brutally uncensored translation of Antoine Galland’s The Arabian Nights. This type of literature was looked upon by many in his conservative British society as pornography. In fact, there was the Obscene Publications Act of 1857 that promised hefty jail sentences to publishers of “filthy” literature. Burton, undeterred, proceeded to join forces with Forster Fitzgerald Arbuthnot and form a society of their own: The Kama Shastra Society. This society allowed its members to share access to books and publications that would be considered illegal in mainstream society.

And of course, Sir Richard Francis Burton did in fact translate The Kama Sutra into English; perhaps his best known (and most appreciated) accomplishment. He did this, too, with the assistance of Forster Fitzgerald Arbuthnot. The Kama Shastra Society first published their co-translation of the Kama Sutra in 1883. Sir Richard Francis Burton was a man on a mission to explore. He dedicated equal enthusiasm to his explorations of Africa’s east coast as he did to his explorations of writing. He was fascinated with sexual practices, leading many to question his own sexual identity and preferences. Regardless of his tastes, he was an astonishingly capable man who lived life to the fullest. He learned, explored, traveled, wrote and thought extensively – and always with obvious defiance toward censorship.

Libido Boosting Foods


If you’re looking for ways to heat up your sex life and boost libido, then it’s definitely important to think about the foods you’re eating. Nutrition has just about everything to do with health, and your health has a lot to do with your libido.  Choosing the right foods will supply your body with nutrients that will pump up your sex drive – and empower your performance between the arcs of The Tantra Chair. Here are 5 sexy foods that boost libido.

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Raw Oysters
We’ve all heard that raw oysters are a classic aphrodisiac. It turns out that they are loaded with zinc, the substance that Dr. Oz calls the “ultimate sex mineral”. Testosterone and sperm are both manufactured more vigorously when a lot of zinc is present. Oysters are also heavy with dopamine, a pleasure hormone associated with libido increases.

Succulent Fruits and Vegetables
Succulent fruits, like strawberries, mangoes and peaches contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are easily absorbed into the blood stream. Make sure you eat organically grown fruits and vegetables and you are guaranteed to increase your overall vitality. If your cells are nurtured and empowered from the right energy sources, your libido is guaranteed to skyrocket!

Raw Chocolate
It’s a fact that the cacao in raw chocolate has chemicals that charge up your sex drive. Specifically, they are theobromine and phenylalanine. Theobromine produces a stimulating effect, like caffeine. Phenylalanine is the feel-good chemical that makes women (and men too!) feel more loving and harmonious. These two love chemicals get together and make raw chocolate one of the most enticing aphrodisiacs of all!

Well, not all libido foods can be sweet and extra delicious. Garlic makes the list too. That’s because it is a plentiful source of allicin. Allicin is a chemical that makes your blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow volume, especially to the sexual organs.

Watermelon has a really important sex nutrient in it! It’s called citrulline. You see, citrulline is converted, inside your body, to arginine, an amino acid. Arginine helps to increase nitric oxide levels, which also dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow. This is a common holistic treatment for erectile dysfunction and an array of other sex-based challenges.

Making the choice to eat certain foods can pump up your libido and make you a more satisfying, and satisfied sex partner. When your body is in harmony, your libido will increase naturally (often exponentially) and proper dietary intake is vital to a healthy and happy sex life.

The Kama Sutra


The Kama Sutra is said to be an ancient text which originated in India and is considered by many modern day scientists and experts to be the standard work on sexual behavior. Originally written in the Sanskrit language by Vātsyāyana, Kama basically means ‘to love’ and Sutra means ‘a manual.’

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So when one combines the two, the Kama Sutra is in essence, a lovemaking manual.

The History of Kama Sutra
Kama Sutra also goes by the lessor known name of Kama Shastra, and is one of the three ancient texts that were written in Sanskrit in an attempt to describe what the acceptable goals in the life of person should be. The Indian texts are therefore solely devoted to ‘Karma” which is a legitimate goal, but less exalted as compared to the goal of “Artha” which means power. Both of these aspirations are considered secondary only to the pursuit of “Dharma” which refers to moral value and is considered to be the most worthy of accomplishments. The creation of the Kama Sutra came out of the need for people to have and know the methods of creating the next generation of society, both efficiently and of course, pleasurably. Since creating offspring is the most vital aspect of any civilization, the Kama Sutra was written to provide people with the physical, spiritual and emotional tools necessary to reach their goals. Legend has it, that Nandi, a companion of the god Shiva was inspired to write the original version of The Kama Sutra after once overhearing Shiva make love to his wife, Parvati, which can be dated back to the fourth century. Vatsayana became famous for being a respected articular on the Sutras that were originally passed down by The Buddha to mankind in the attempt to assist them with their trials and tribulations. However, the version of Vatsayana incorporates the works of his own observations on Hindu society as well as the works of other ancient scholars, which is widely accepted and honored by Indian Tradition.

The Content of the Kama Sutra
Even though the Kama Sutra is now associated with erotica in The West, it is not the only topic in the content of the time-honored, ancient text. The acts of lovemaking are further divided into eight different methods, with each of the eight methods able to be performed in eight different sexual positions. There are 64 various parts of love depicted in the Kama Sutra, comprising of both heterosexual and homosexual acts of sexual gratification. These 64 sections may also be described as the ways in which one can strengthen the intimate connection with their partner. Apart from that, there are also 35 chapters that are solely dedicated on the various ways in which one can attract a spouse, and on how to be a good partner. Even in today’s world, there are many people who still follow the philosophy of this ancient text and believe it to be an inspiring work of art that helps to transcend the physical world.

Tantra Chair Designer


Tantra Chair Designer, A.J. Vitaro is an eccentric furniture designer specializing in designs that accentuate, elevate and inspire the human spirit.  His designs have graced the planet for many years and his most notable design, The Tantra Chair, has reached global recognition as it has been embraced by every culture around the world.

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I am A.J Vitaro, the designer of The Tantra Chair®.  I was born into a family full of artists.  Both of my grandfathers were extremely talented.  My grandfather on my father’s side was a great architect.  He even worked on Frank Lloyd Wright’s infamous “Falling Water” home.  My maternal grandfather was a creative cartoonist. His artwork always brought me so much joy and laughter.  My mother is also an artist who is very skilled in charcoal drawing.

I was inspired by the female form at a very young age.  I began expressing this inspiration through various artistic mediums.  When I was in third grade, I was sent home from Catholic school for sketching a female nude during class.  I was profoundly influenced by the works of Michael Angelo and I was trying to emulate his style.  Fortunately, my parents saw the beauty in this drawing and encouraged me to keep creating despite others’ perspectives.

My artistic medium evolved into clay sculpture.  My passion for clay sculpture evolved into a pure love of stone sculpture which I continue to enjoy to this day.

I studied Tantra and Zen Buddhism as a young adult.  Meditation practice is the heart and soul of Zen Buddhism.  Anyone who has tried to sit in meditation for long periods of time knows how painful it can be for the body.  I was motivated to design a chair for meditation that could help my friends and I maintain a comfortable posture during meditation.

Friends and fellow meditators became so excited about the comfort levels that my chair designs were providing and as a result, they wanted one for themselves!  I saw a great opportunity to use this creativity to help people meditate more comfortably.  I, along with my best friend, founded ZEN BY DESIGN in 2001.

Shortly thereafter, I developed The Tantra Chair design with the intention of revolutionizing the lovemaking experience.  I even designed it in the likeness of the female form.  I was inspired by the idea of freeing the female to move in ways that she desired.  The Divine Feminine has been so suppressed by limited perspectives throughout our history. I longed for people to take the art of making love more seriously.  I hoped to bring more presence, comfort, creativity and joy to every relationship with the help of The Tantra Chair®.

“There are many aspects of our world that humanity, as a collective consciousness, can improve upon but there is one place to start in my humble opinion.  We must free the feminine divine energy that has been suppressed by dogmatic principles for thousands of years.  It’s time that we bring love, heart, light and balance back to this paradigm.”  – A.J Vitaro