• The Tantra Chair ®

      Lovemaking Has Evolved.

    • Lovemaking Has Evolved.

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    The Original Tantra Chair – Sexual Positions of The Kama Sutra

    Sexual Positions of The Kama Sutra

    Your Pathway to a More Expansive and Conscious Lovemaking Experience

    The Tantra Chair ®

    A Sacred Exploration Into The Kama Sutra

    The Tantra Chair is an elegant Kama Sutra Chair designed to enhance and simplify the advanced sexual positions of The Kama Sutra.  We have had the great honor of creating this unique sex chair for countless couples in America and abroad since our inception in 2001.  The Tantra Chair, revered as one of the world’s most luxurious and romantic gift ideas, is a state of the art, patented sex furniture design and the very first of it’s kind in the world today.  Simply stated, The Tantra Chair is revolutionizing the lovemaking experience for forward-thinking, loving couples around the world.

    The Original Patented Design

    We handcraft The Tantra Chair with the world’s finest, eco-friendly materials.  The soft, supple, synthesized leather not only feels amazing on your skin, but it will maintain it’s elegant appearance for a lifetime.  The leather is stain resistant and anti-microbial to maintain a healthy and welcoming experience for you each and every time.

    The Tantra Chair ® Guarantee

    The Tantra Chair is designed and created to last a lifetime. Each and every chair is hand-crafted by our skilled artisans in the United States of America. We incorporate a stringent quality controlled enviroment to guarantee that each and every chair that we create meets our superior standard. We use the finest, eco-friendly materials that will graciously stand the test of time. It is our greatest honor to please you with this remarkable chair design and we look forward to exceeding your every expectation.

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    How it Works Presentation

    Kama Sutra Positions & Sexual Positions Guide

    Comfortable sexual positions!  The Tantra Chair is the first and original sex furniture design to incorporate a patented, dual arc system that emulates the natural curvature of the human form.  Every dimension of this unique chair design, from the height of the chair, the width of the chair and most importantly, the angles of the arcs, is designed to maximize your lovemaking experience.

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    Priced as low as $ 1299.00 in USA